Safeton, Coldeven 25 (Godsday), 585, 8 am.

The group returned home the night before, barely awake enough to talk, they all shuffled to their rooms and let sleep claim them.

On the morning of the 25, the group was up early, talking about their encounter, two wights? That concerns the group, they did what research they could when they could. They decided they needed to research more. Wights, especially two working together is a concern. They did inform Lady Bav but were unsure what she did about it.

The group went to the temple met, Cleric Ralin Stagrunner, he explained to Vonhilga what would happen and why and requested the rest of the group join the followers out front, which they did. While waiting Vonhilga was surprised at the poverty and illness she was faced with. While not privileged, her life had been better than many of these poor folk. The first was a little girl that could barely walk, she returned dancing and playing. An old man, bent and broken, was returned to health for one more go before he died. Vonhilda was next, she was healed, Stagrunner was aware she was a bard and let her do her performance (rolled 26), and she won the crowd and excited followers. 


Pharum Ykej
Half-Elf Bard
Level 3

Thabuli Cathadu
Half-Elf Sorcerer
Level 3

Udrif Fouce
Halfling Rogue
Level 3

Vohhilga (Lastnamepending)
Dwarf Bard
Level 3

Vifil Ufisson
Human Ranger
Level 3

After the event, Kossoth found Vonhilda and invited her, and the group, to lunch at the Sea Salt Inn. She accepted on the group’s behalf.

In the meantime the group looked around, Thabuli was especially concerned there was something wrong, he scanned the area with his team, a solid roll for perception showed him a lone figure, commonly clothed with a hood and strange red eyes. The group did note the crowd had given the figure room. The group moved in and discovered the smell was atrocious. It did not take long to realize it was a zombie. 

Vifil found a Watch guard that he sort of knew and explained the situation, it took a bit but the Priests asked the follower to go home for 30 minutes and during this time they discovered there were over 24 zombies, hidden in the crowd. The zombies did nothing, simply seemed to be waiting. The Watch rallied and methodically removed the zombies, stacking them like cordwood in a wagon. Shortly after that, the group found a young apprentice wizard using magic to clean up any residual rot or disease on the ground. His name was Melud Hunar (Young Male human, early 20s). He was a member of the Sapphire Wand, the local Wizards Guild. They talked and made tentative arrangements to talk over drinks. For the rest of the day, the Watch is on high alert.

The group thought about how the zombies got there and used the ranger’s tracking ability. They found what could have been the unloading zone for the zombies. One of the shops had a perfect view of the street so the group knocked and finally met Dormin Boonpeak a gnome blacksmith that specializes in high-quality pots and pans. His son had seen some funny things earlier that day. “Two men in cloaks unloaded those people, they looked sick, put cloaks on them.” The group thanks the gnome and his family and makes an effort to track the wagon but the road is too busy.

The group finally gives up for the day and heads to the Sea Salt Inn and meets the Dar Treerunner (Local Elf bard) and Salisi Katirram. Pharum plays sweet with her and discovers that she may be a criminal. It is during an exchange with Kossoth that Pharum concludes this, from the way that Salisi gauges his wealth and items. They go and eat with Lady Bav. She thanks them again and offers them two jobs.

The missions are not expected to be done in any particular order.

  • One of her friends, another Noble Family, recently was informed that an ancient crypt of theirs was discovered. They would like the place investigated and cleaned out… they already sent in servants that never returned. This crypt is deep within the Crypts of the Ruby Sorceress.  They are paying 100 gp per adventurer. The Family is not mentioned.
  • Since the group recently acquired a ranger, she had decided this next mission is a possible deed the group can do. Kossoth’s family has a modest lumber yard and it recently lost contact, she wants a group to go and review the situation and reclaim it all if possible. It also pays 100 gp per adventurer.

The group has a lovely lunch and afternoon.

Next week we pick up with Udrif and Pharum looking to sell goods to the local thieves guild.