Coldeven 24, 585, cont.

The group carried on, finally clearing out the Eastern mausoleum, and collecting Vifil Ulfsson. Turns out Vifil was captured by something and left in one of the locked chambers with a zombie, since the creature did not eat him, there must have been orders of some sort.

The group moved into the main mausoleum, they found a flaming zombie, that gave Udrif a bear hug causing damage with a side of fire. The party quickly dispatched that lone zombie and continued to explore. 

Secret: Pharum stole a Platinum Statue of a God (200gp), three gold urns (50gp each), silk curtains (25gp for all).

While exploring a southwestern exit to the main mausoleum, the group stumbled up some confused zombies, there was a good tussle, another excellent use of the Grease spell and a number of natural 20s. That fight allowed two wights to sneak into the main area. The PC that could have seen the wights rolled a 1 for a total of 7, and did not see the wights. The fighter did see the wights and worked at blocking their way. The group swarmed around, quickly killing one of the wights, Vonhilga cast Shatter, trying to guess the location of the second wight, and did some extensive damage to the structure. The Ranger, outside, was able to see through the destroyed structure and shot the last wight, first blood was his. The wight bolted but the party gave chase, again the Grease spell stopped a creature in its tracks, the party quickly put the undead out of their misery.


Coy Oukagh (retired)
Gnome Illusionist
Level 3

Pharum Ykej
Half-Elf Bard
Level 3

Thabuli Cathadu
Half-Elf Sorcerer
Level 3

Udrif Fouce
Halfling Rogue
Level 3

Vohhilga (Lastnamepending)
Dwarf Bard
Level 3

Vifil Ufisson
Human Ranger
Level 3

Treasure from the wights

  • 2 x longbows (in good shape)
  • 80 arrows + 4 quivers (in good shape)
  • 2 x long swords (They look like Safeton Regulars*/in good shape)
  • 2 x short swords (They look like Safeton Regulars*/in good shape)
  • 4 x daggers (each is different/in good shape)
  • 2 x suits of studded leather (in good shape)
  • Money:
    • 4 pp
    • 10 gp
    • 9 sp
    • 16 ep
    • 72 cp

*Safeton Regulars are the Troops that do road patrols.

They checked the rest of the graveyard and found no further undead but did find extensive damage to the property… beyond what they did. Vifil ganged up with the group and explored the area that he last remembers being. To him, it looked like he got taken by surprise but now killed, was left alive with a zombie guard. 

Returning to Safeton, Coldeven 24, 585, 9:30 pm, cont.

The group barely makes it back before the gates are locked, they get some guff, but Kossoth Bav drops his family name and the doors stay open for a while longer. 

The party returns to the Bav estate, they are debriefed and paid. Even Vifil was paid the final 50 gp.

  • Lady Bav listens to the group, thanks them and each is paid the remaining 50 gp. Including Vifil.
  • The party is returned to their residences by secured cab.
  • Lady Bav asks the group to wait a couple of days, now that they have a ranger, she has some remote work she would like them to consider. 

Lady Bav seems pleased with the outcome but is concerned about the damage to the Family Yard. She will pay the 350 gp to have Vonhilga healed. Lady Bav asks the party to take Vonhilda to the Hall of the Sun God, tomorrow, and ask for Cleric Ralin Stagrunner, he will arrange the healing for Vonhilga.

Safeton, Coldeven 25, 585, 8 am.

This is Godsday, people are expected to worship. Some jobs never stop, but the majority of the city is in quiet service at home or in a temple. That does not stop the aggressive followers from wandering the streets or going door to door. Donations to temples and the poor are expected.

Today is the day that Vonhilga is expected to visit Cleric Ralin Stagswallow, her healing will be a shared experience, to demonstrate Pelor’s devotion to his followers. It will be a public event.