Safeton, Growfest 6 (Earthday), 585, Evening.

10 pm: The group went to the Sailor’s Inn, a local hangout for sailors and locals. It is a bar that the bards of the group have worked at many times. Brolbir Ironhouse owns it and is familiar with the group.

Thabuuli went and picked up Taza Silver so she could enjoy the party. She was shy but quite taken by her date.

The group spent much of the evening RPing and learned some exciting things. A local by the name of Regar Shine was eyeballing Thabuli while he was dancing with Taza. He seemed particularly interested in Thabuli. When Thabuli left to walk Taza back to her dorm, the group noticed Regar watching Thabuli. So they engaged with the strange human. 

Regar Shine turned out, is a well-known mason in the city. Even the PCs knew his name. He was not an overly large man, maybe only 5’5 or so. But he was solid, his hands showed years of hard work and damage. He looked to be in excellent shape, although his clothes had seen better days, hard labour showed on every bit of his wardrobe. His boots were covered in mud. He was balding but what hair he did have was still brownish and kept short. He looked to be in his mid-50s.


Pharum Ykej
Half-Elf Bard
Level 4

Thabuli Cathadu
Half-Elf Sorcerer
Level 4

Udrif Fouce
Halfling Rogue
Level 4

Vonhilga (Lastnamepending)
Dwarf Bard
Level 4

Vifil Ufisson
Human Ranger
Level 4

The group did not have to push too hard for his story. Although his story was slightly disjointed and lacked a timeline: He was an orphan, raised at the local temple of Pelor. Many of the orphans there get the last name Shine. He is one of the few that kept it as he got older. He recently learned from Priest Ralin Stagrunner that the temple did have some basic paperwork, much of it was suspicion and not much fact. It was noted that when Regar came to the temple, he was soaking wet, his clothing caked in salt from the Wooly Bay. It was believed that he was a shipwreck survivor, for some reason, not mentioned, the priest managing Regar thought the boy, maybe 5(?) years of age, could have been a Wynthyra. It is unclear how the priest came to this. Regar was raised, became a mason and excelled at it. 

He was recently contacted by Ralin Stagrunner with this exact information. He learned through the college that Wynthyra was a sponsor of the school and her Son was a recent graduate. His name was Thabuli Cathadur. Thabuli and his group of adventurers were getting some fame due to their deeds of bravery and arms. His plan was to build up the courage to talk to Thabuli, but the young half-elf friends moved first. 

Thabuli did return to meet his (possible) uncle. They talked and made plans to meet again once the group had finished their next group of missions. It was late and the group returned to their flop house to rest.


Safeton, Growfest 7 (Earthday), 585, 8 am.

Early morning saw the group visiting Lady Bav. She was aware of the group’s activities the night before, because of Pharum’s impromptu performance. Many of the nobles recognized him due to the growing fame of the group. Lady Bav presumed, correctly that the rest of the group was there. She was not clear on the reason but guessed the group wanted to shut down the filthy place. They have her full support. The Lady asks the group for help with three missions. 

  1. Clean out a local Noble Family Burial Mound. Less than a full day from the city, up the north road, there is a side road that will take to the mound. Pays 100 gp for the group. The Family in question has asked that the group take two guards to watch over the location after the group leaves and to report back about the group’s success. 
  2. Family Lumber Camp. The smaller Bav clan has a small refurbished lumber business, it was recently overrun by monsters who are now using to attack local roads and communities. They need it cleaned out. It pays 500 gp for the group. The location is north of the city, another full day past the Mound, east inland. They will provide better details on the day of the travel. 
  3. Old Fort. A local individual would like your group to explore and if possible, the individual would like you to try and reclaim the keep. This pays 1000 gp for the group. The location is three days west of the city. The old roads are overgrown and mostly abandoned, no one has been to the keep in 10 or so years. Expect the worst. 


The Annual Bav “Gathering of Lights”

Planting, Freeday, the 28th.

Every year the Bav family throws a large event, the event is dedicated to Pelor, it is open to all Nobles – it is bad form to exclude any of them, and let the local children see the “Stary Lane.” The Stary Lane is the main road that has been lit by the many noble families. Each Family adds an extravagant display along their front walls. The winner gets to Judge the following year. Donations are given to the local orphanages and the needy.

Vonhilga and Pharum have been asked to run the entertainment for this year even.