Safeton, Growfest 6 (Earthday), 585, Evening.

Due to work demands, I have fallen behind on this. 

Job: Elf Rescue! Sionia Ralomys, seems to be a Noble from the elf kingdom. She is here looking for Zalery Revyer, a young elf, kidnapped by slavers. Sionia has been tracking the child to here. The group recently discovered that young Zalery was sold to a Whore House. The group has decided to get involved. There is no local bounty for this mission, but Sionia has offered 600 gp for the child’s return, and another 250gp for the death of the Madam.

The group got organized, utterly ignored their plan and went is as a group. They chose to dress well and passed the initial review, using persuasion and a happy-go-lucky approach to the Whorehouse they managed to sleaze their way into the house. Thabuli expressed he wanted to experience a full elf because he was tired of only getting one half. They managed to bribe the self-identified Floor Madam. They had to wait for another person to finish up and they would need a few moments to clean her up. Thabuli had to wait up to 15 minutes.


Pharum Ykej
Half-Elf Bard
Level 4

Thabuli Cathadu
Half-Elf Sorcerer
Level 4

Udrif Fouce
Halfling Rogue
Level 4

Vonhilga (Lastnamepending)
Dwarf Bard
Level 4

Vifil Ufisson
Human Ranger
Level 4

The place was dimly lit that smelled sickly sweet. All the John’s wore masks, some very stylized, and work high-class garb but none wore family symbols or rings. Go figure. 

Meanwhile, Parum and Udrif experienced the Hookah. Pharum took a deep breath and had to make a CON SAVE and succeeded. While waiting for Thabuli to get down to business, he partook in the local offerings. Udrif hung out in the centre with Pharam and smoked his pipe. He pretended to take a long hit of the Hookah and passed out. His rat snuck around and got a better sense of the place.

Vonhilga found Brene Proudwater, a human bard, and shared the Plan. Brene asked to not know the plan and did warn that the Madam was scary and just behind the door to her right. Vonhilga chose to let Brene be and headed to Thabuli. 

Thabuli finally got to go back and took Vonhilga with him. Thabuli got right to it and worked at rescuing the young female elf. She looked abused and unhappy. Imagine that. Using clothes they hid in their own clothes, they dressed her up like a male. They had to hide her hair and muck her up a bit. 

Vonhilga used the Charm Spell to good effect and gained two very friendly guards, who both failed their saves by more than 5. 

The group was stuck till Pharum up and decided to give an impromptu show, rolling over 20 for Performance and his Instrument of choice. The room was entranced and even the guards came to check it out. 

Several minutes after the show started, the rat managed to start a grease fire in the Kitchen, which collected more guards and all of the staff. The group managed to sneak out with the help of their guard’s friends. There were so many distractions no one noticed the pretty male with white hair. The group took the young Lady to the dock, got paid and returned to their lives. 

The group did not see the real Madam but based on what they heard, they did not like her.