Onnwal Gazetter
The players Guide for Living Greyhawk UK


Design and Development: Creighton Broadhurst, Gerard Cummins, Paul Looby, John Leeper, and Sean Connor.
Editors: Creighton Broadhurst, Paul Looby and Taz
Graphic Design: Ian Richards
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Project Manager: Sean Connor
Proof Readers: Gerard Cummins, Paul Looby, Ratty, Simon Butler, Creighton Broadhurst, Sean Connor, Taz and Stuart Kerrigan
Special Thanks: Erik Mona, Denis Tetreault, Noel Graham

Based on the original DUNGEONS & DRAGONS created by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, and the new DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game designed by Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Skip Williams, Richard Baker and Peter Adkinson.
Based on the original GREYHAWK campaign by E. Gary Gygax, Carl Sargent and Roger E. Moore

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Last revised 1st August 2002


Greetings friends and fellow travellers to Onnwal, a war-wracked and troubled land.

Before the Wars, Onnwal was a lawful, peaceful, and respected realm. Its merchants plied the Azure and Gearnat Seas, some even braving the Tilva Straits to trade with the Lordship of the Isles. Onnwal’s navy allied with that of Nyrond, the Lordship of the Isles, and the other member states of the Iron (and then Golden) League bravely sailed the waters around the Dragonshead countering South Province aggression.

During the Greyhawk Wars however brave Onnwal fell, its Szek, Ewerd Destron, succumbing to the poisoned blade of an assassin belonging to the mysterious, and much feared Scarlet Brotherhood. Onnwal’s warriors were either enslaved or killed and its vaunted navy fell almost wholesale into the hands of the red- robed ones. With those-who-wear-the red-robes came warriors from the steaming jungles of the south and legions of vicious Hochebi warriors. Other rumours, whispered only at night, and only to those trusted by the teller, speak of red- robed sorcerers bring forth foul creatures and devils to serve the Brotherhood cause. Obelstone Keep, once an Aerdi fortress, seems to be the centre of these foul rites, although the truth of this is not known as none taken there have ever returned. What is certain however is that Sister Kuranyie, Shepherd of Onnwal, quickly became one of the most hated people on the peninsula.

Few tales of the occupation have reached the outside world. Those that have surfaced uniformly tell of a persecuted and oppressed populace at the mercy of their new overlords. Accounts of kidnapping, murder, indiscriminate “justice,” extortion, and cruelty are commonplace. As elsewhere, many of the ruling class of the country were tracked down and killed – indeed, it is believed that the Brotherhood completely exterminated one noble house. Priests and mages not of Suel descent were also particularly persecuted.

Who can tell what untold deeds of treachery and bravery were carried out during the dark days of Onnwal’s subjugation? Perhaps the most infamous example was that provided by Rohal Soldas. Rohal was the Mayor of Sornhill at the time of the invasion and betrayed the town into the invader’s hands and assisted them in the capture of almost all of the ruling family.

Hope was not lost however, as opposition to the Brotherhood’s rule seems to have collected about two people – Jian Destron, son of the assassinated Szek, and Rakehell Chert, thief extraordinaire and leader of the Wreckers. The rebellion burst into life during Brewfest 586 CY. Brotherhood forces, surprised and disorientated, were quickly forced backwards towards Scant. Today the Brotherhood still holds Scant but much of the rest of the country is lost to them. The situation is confused however, and it is known that fighting still rages over much of the peninsula.

Given the current state of Onnwal, accurate knowledge is obviously hard to come by. It is therefore with a cautionary comment that I must finish. Read this account and take from it what you will, but beware that everything presented herein is not necessarily true. While I have made every effort to corroborate the veracity of the information contained within this tome I accept no liability for any injury or death occurring from readers following the material I have collected.

Reydrich Sharn
12th day of Coldeven, 592 CY.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction

    • The Development Team
    • How Living Greyhawk works
    • Introduction to the world of Greyhawk
    • Further reading

Chapter 2. History of Onnwal

    • A brief history of Onnwal
    • The recording of time
    • Onnwal’s calendar
    • Other Festivals in Onnwa1

Chapter 3. Rulership and Law

    • Onnwal’s nobility
    • The legal system
    • The Scarlet Brotherhood in Onnwal
    • Onnwal and other nations
    • The military of Onnwal
    • The forces of Free Onnwal

Chapter 4. Trade, Taxes and Money

    • The big picture
    • Taxes
    • The Scarlet Brotherhood
    • Transport
    • Coinage of Onnwal
    • Merchants active in Onnwal
    • Pirates of the Gearnat and Azure Seas

Chapter 5. Peoples of the Dragonshead

    • Races of the Dragonshead
    • Languages ‘commonly’ in use in Onnwal
    • Greetings and farewells
    • Character classes in Onnwal
    • War companies of Onnwal

Chapter 6. Deities of the Dragonshead

    • Major deities
    • Minor deities
    • Scarlet Brotherhood faiths
    • Deities of the demi humans

Chapter 7. Overview of Onnwal

    • Onnwal’s climate

Chapter 8. The Storm Coast

    • The Great House of Relaster
    • Minor Houses of the Storm Coast
    • Locations within the Storm Coast
    • Other locations
    • Locations within the Gearnat Sea

Chapter 9. Gilderond

    • The Great House of Destron
    • Minor Houses of central Onnwal
    • Locations within central Onnwal

Chapter 10. The Eastern Marchlands

    • The Great House of Coriell
    • Minor Houses of the Eastern Marchlands
    • Other locations

Chapter 11. The Azure Coast

    • The Great House of Cadwale
    • Minor Houses of the Azure Coast
    • Other locations on the Azure Coast

Chapter 12. Adventuring in Onnwal

    • Styles of play
    • Adventure Themes
    • Rumours and whispers