Name: Nelfus of Heironeous
Class: Cleric
Race: Human

Pdwick was a farmer, whom aspired to become a Cleric of Heironeous, and faced hardships he was unable to handle. From a poor family, he had to work full time to support his training, and when things went poorly for his family, he was called home to help with the farm. It was bad, and he barely survived. His family farm was a day south of Cantona, and a few hours off the main road. His family farm was destroyed before Cantona knew what was coming.

Podwick was in the woods collecting wood when he saw the attackers. He attacked and was left to hang by his wrist, by that time broken and mangled. He is unsure how long he hung there, but he was rescued by a group of men, who healed him and took him with them. At first they attacked the orcs, when the orcs retreated, the group began to attack merchants and caravans, even farms.

Podwick was trapped. He owed these men and women so much, but he did not like this, and felt he was betraying everything he ever grew up believing. After months of attacking and countless deaths, Nelfus was lost and ashamed of his inaction.

It was luck of Fate that allowed him to survive the rage of the Half Orc… or Elf … Druid… umm… the raging monster and let Pennin listen long enough to him to realize what he was… could be.

Podwick trained for two years at the Temple of Heironeous in Safeton. He was a few months away from taking his final vows that would have made him a Acolyte (Cleric Level 1).

He is now Pennin’s Protege, as pledged and vowed (treated as a Geas, delivered upon Nelfus by a Servant Being of Heironeous).

Character Sheet: PDF Level 1, PDF Level 2.