The Morndinsamman is the all-encompassing term for the Dwarven Gods.

The Morndinsamman (a dwarven term meaning “shield brothers on high” or “high dwarves”) or Moradinsamman was the group name of the dwarven pantheon.

Greater Gods

Moradin, god of Dwarves, Creation, Smithing, Protection, Metalcraft, and Stonework.

 Intermediate Gods

Abbathor, god of Greed.
Berronar Truesilver, goddess of Safety, Truth, Home, and Healing.
Clanggedin Silverbeard, god of Battle and War.
Diirinka, god of Magic, Savants, Knowledge, and Cruelty. / AuldDragon’s take on this god.
Dumathoin, god of Exploration and Mining.
Laduguer, god of Duergar, Crafts, Magic, and Protection.
Mya, goddess of Clan, Family, and Wisdom. (Could be Berronar Truesilver’s alternate form.)
Valkauna, goddess of Oaths, Death, and Birth.
Thautam, god of Magic and Darkness.
Vergadain, god of Wealth and Luck.

Lesser Gods

Dugmaren Brightmantle, god of Scholarship, Discovery, and Invention.
Hansaeth, god of War, Carousing, and Alcohol.
Muamman Duathal, god of Expatriates, Urban Dwarves, Travellers, and Exiles.
Roknar, god of Greed, Intrigue, Lies, and Earth.


Diinkarazan, god of Vengeance. / AuldDragon’s take on this god.
Gendwar Argrim, hero-god of Fatalism and Obsession.
Tharmekhûl, god of the Forge, Fire, and Warfare.

Mist of Change

While the dwarf’s creation myths say they woke with their God’s blessing, their history is as lost as the other races. They dug too deep, found foes they grew tired of fighting, and migrated. Different clans ended up in different worlds, some clans have managed to maintain contact, even though they are on different worlds. The Underdark can be a blessing, sometimes. 

The Dwarven Gods are integrated into every aspect of their lives. From forge to home, hearth to tankard, there is deep faith. Clerics carry a great deal of responsibility and burden, but respect is their due, and they get it in heaps. This has lead to corruption and greed. In the end, some temptation is too great, no matter how staunch the heart.

Elrik’s Musings

In my Greyhawk, I want to have a clear distinction between the Good and Evil dwarven Gods. Like all gods, they each have their mechanisms and allies, again, each with a plan. I don’t think I will call it the Dark Morndinsamman, but I will come up with a term.


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