Storming Blade, Lady of Strikes, the Thunder, the Dancer and the Bride.

Fionghan Faenya was lost to the elves for a long while. Recently she was freed from her captivity by a group of adventurers. The group was after a relic and found her guarding it. She was a shadow of herself but still exquisite and deadly. To control her, her captor kept her blind and deaf. 

Fionghan Faenya


Anguniion was the world she was born into, a land faced with an alien invasion, when she came to the fight, the world was nearly conquered, but she fought, it was what she did. Many battles she fought and thousands of allies died around her. It was her anger that was her undoing, filled with frustration and rage, barely aware of her own divinity, she ran headlong into the trap. She made them pay for her capture.

Asa Worldeater saw to her capture and in return for power, turned her over to the depraved priests of Vaprak. They returned Fionghan to become Asa’s bodyguard. Vaprak claimed her domains and enslaved what remained of her people. On that day ogres and trolls ate well.

For untold ages, Fionghan served Asa, till he finally fell, but even that could not completely stop him. He had an artifact, a relic of a lost time, and it fueled him to greater evil. The relic was not itself evil, but let him commit terrible crimes with it. Asa found that it was weakened, but too late, the locals of the Flanaess saw his mystical gates, killed and murdered his Gatekeepers, he was far from helpless but could not bolster the same strength he had on other worlds. In the King of the Lands around him, he faced a foe even more ruthless than himself. 

What remained of Asa’s forces buried their lord with his relic, his priests tapped into the might of the relic, cast great magics to protect his Tomb. For thousands of years the tomb was hidden. All that time, Fionghan did her duty. Till she was freed.

Now, in a new world, the ancient magics could no longer pervert the memories of the Elves, they suddenly remembered her, felt her presence. She is a young goddess in an old world. She barely understands her power and is ready to challenge all, for the timebeing she lives with her mother, but soon she will strike out on her own, build her own followers and faith. 


Fionghan Faenya

Young (Lesser) Goddess

(This array is set to 5e)

Armour Class: 25
Move: 75
Hit Points: 275
No. of Attacks: 4 (5 with Flury of Blows)
Damage/Attacks: fists/kick 1d12 (treat as adamantine/magical)
Special Attacks: Lightning Strike +3d6 to a single attack per round.
Special Defenses: As monk. +1 weapons, or better, to hit.
Magical Resistance: 40%
Size: M, often appearing as a tall (6’4) wood elf female
Alignment: CG
Worshipper’s Align: LG, LN, N, CG, CN (Tends towards Elves and Half-Elves)
Symbol: Two crossed scimitars, a bolt of lightning behind
Plane: Arborea
Cleric/Druid: L12 Cleric
Fighter: L10
Thief/Assassin: L8 Rogue
Monk/Bard: L20 Monk/L5 Bard
Psionic Ability
Stats: I don’t use stats for Gods

Fionghan’s first deed after being freed was to slaughter the corrupted grugach that protected the ancient forest just outside of Asa’s Tomb. She will tolerate no corruption in regards to the Fire Giant Emporer. Shortly after that, she was collected by her mother. 

Once done with her visit, she found Tethrin Veraldé and challenged him to a duel. Due to the strange system with her return, he was aware of her but unaware of her abilities. They spared for many days eventually both were forced to agree there could be no winner. While vastly different, their abilities seem on par. Fionghan was invited in and they feasted, for she is his cousin after all. On that day they set plans to adventure.

With Fionghans release, Labelas Enoreth and Corellon Larethian have had long discussions on how this could happen. How could a Goddess be removed from the collective memory of the entire elves, even impacting Corellon. They have started to reach out and talk to other gods, trying to gain some insight.