Status: Innkeeper at the Griffon
Origins: Unknown
Mission: N/A

Yefiz is a 200-year-old Gnome that makes Safeton his home. Almost 20 years ago Yefiz and his wife Tasi, bought the Griffon from a human that wished to retire.

Yefiz was an adventurer over 50 years ago and had enough of the wandering life, and sadly witnessed one too many of his friends die. Many years ago he found Tasi and convinced her to leave the church and live a much more simple life with him.

Yefiz has dozens of stores and is a huge fan of hearing others’ stories. Not even Tasi knows his full story.

He is friendly and warm, often going out of his way to help others. He has made some enemies along the way but things seem to go bad when the criminal elements try to force their interests upon him.