Tim’s character is contacted by the local Guild, they have a job, pays well, dangerous but it seems to feed into his sense of social justice. This is always said with a giggle.

(ALL of this info is for Tim’s PC to share as he see’s fit)

Mission… A note sent to the Rogue…

Lady Zara Willis-Byrd, of a well off Family that lives in the Freeman district, wishes to hire trustworthy adventurers for an important mission. People of Good and Honest natures need only apply. A Senior Priest of St. Cuthbert will be present at all interviews. Money to be discussed when the right individuals have been selected.
(St. Cuthbert is a newer God, his focus is Nobility, Honesty, Fairness and Fighting for the Weak. Their priesthood is very good at detecting lies.)

Jorg Willis-Byrd: Missing Scion

Human, 32 years of age. In excellent shape and well versed in armour and weapons (Fighter L8) was last heard from a few days out side of (North side) of Kendall Keep.
His mission was to assess Kendall Keep to see what was required by the Castellan (leader of the Keep). Once done that, further down the road, maybe another 4 days, is a large outpost that hosted maybe 2000 residents. It was mostly a mine, but some ship craft was done there as well. Over the last few years the location has apparently been decimated by raiders and slavers. He was to see what could be done to restore the mine to working order. Jorg and his team did not make it to Kendall Keep.

Geas Conditions

Pronounced “Geish” (long i) by the rest of the D&D community.

The Geas rules are simple.

  1. Work towards finding the missing son.
  2. Do not hurt son for any reason.
  3. Only defend yourself as a last resort.
  4. Return son – alive and unspoiled – if possible.
  5. If you can bring back the remains do so – if not give the remains a proper burial.
  6. Return to Lady Zara Willis-Byrd with news.
  7. Return the son to Lady Zara Willis-Byrd.
  8. Return the son’s body to Lady Zara Willis-Byrd.

The party will get 3500gp if they accept the Geas. The Geas is the contract, and is basically should be followed. Due to the nature of the Geas, there is some logic loop overlap.
The overall contract pays 5000gp. If the son (Jorg Willis-Byrd) is returned alive, there is another 5000gp for the party. If the body is returned in reasonable shape, there may be a bonus, no number is provided.

The party is provided with Letters of Admittance to Kendall Keep (Nothing more). There is a separate letter to the Castellan of the Keep with a magical seal on it.
Further Expenses: Bustlebeard makes arrangements for you – one long day south of the city you will find a fortified farm. You are given a small ‘button’ to show the hands and the farm owner (Pozu Bustlebeard!).

Animals and gear are at normal cost.
3 Horses x 75 gp = 225pg
2 Ponys x 30 = 60 (can carry 225 lbs each)
1 Donkey x 8gp = 8gp (can carry 420 lbs each)
5 Bit and bridle x 2gp = 10gp
5 saddles x 10gp = 50gp
5 saddlebags x 4 = 20gp
25 days rations x 5sp = 125sp (2gp/5el)