Elrik Note: In my game, Newtemple Parish is destroyed about a week before Cantona. Most farms in the area have been abandoned.

New Temple Parish is a small, largely destroyed town on a small cliff halfway between Cantona to the north and Cirdastan to the south.  While there are obvious signs of the previous occupation in the scatting of abandoned farms around New Temple Parish the town itself has nothing standing but a  single stone temple dedicated to Paylor.  During the original investigation, a statue of Paylor was salvaged and returned to their temple in Greyhawk. Unlike Cantona and Cirdastan which are close to a rough road that runs inland between them, New Temple is on little more than a tract that runs along the coast.   Further being on a small cliff there are no facilities for docking a boat at this town.

The lack of good roads and sea access makes New Temple Parish a poor choice for settlement at this time unless one can defend themselves or has a great need for privacy. Fortunately, the town does meet the basic needs of Cirdastan’s 3 Firbolgs who have agreed to aid in the reconstruction of Cantona in return for being granted ownership of the New Temple Parish site.