Safeton’s Blade Guild is a standard two-story wooden building two doors down from the Griffon. This is the Guild/Bar that many of the retired soldiers would be mercenaries, sellswords and any number of other fighter types end up. Many of the Blade Guild members are also members of the Adventurer Guild. There is an active Job Board and the Guild claims 25% of each job.

The current Blade Guild Captain is Human Female Barbarian named Gwann. She bought the guild a few years ago from an old gnome that was ready to move on. She is a chaotic owner with little regard for social graces and personal boundaries. She loves to solve her problems with her fists and has pushed more members away than brought in.

Monthly Membership: 20gp
Job Rate: 25%

A gnome by the name of Strot collects all payments and dolls them out. Gwann has made it clear that Strot is under her protection and any funny business is met by her axe.

Standard Member Character Sheet: PDF