In the better district of Safeton, there is a large three-story stone building known as the Adventurer’s Guild. Although short on spirited bodies, the managers and staff work hard at collecting missions, and potential employees. At the very least, members are usually offered a warm room, good food and gear repair at a good price.

The current Administrator is a middle-aged dwarf that introduces himself as Skavoli Hammerpike, a grizzled old warrior with a claim on royal blood and a passion for archery.

There are two dwarven clerks (Hammerpikes apprentices) that run the place during the day and night, a teen female Nundideth Axebringer, and her older brother Krondem Axebringer. Both are still considered children by dwarven society and are not even level 1. Nundideth has shown an aptitude for smiting toys, while her brother has shown an interest in becoming a Ranger.

Membership Rate: 30gp/mo.
Job Rate: 20%