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The NPC Encyclopedia of the Flanaess Compiled by Rick “Duicarthan” Miller. This four part Indexes of all the NPC’s of the Flanaess with Name Alignment Race/ Gender and Class/ Level the files are listed below in PDF format for easy usage.  
Chapter One: Major Personages of the Flanaess
Chapter Two: The City and Domain of Greyhawk
Chapter Three: Adventures and Monsters!
– (Not Completed) – 2006 Release Date? Chapter Four
Errata, non-canon, and New NPC’s
(Not Completed) – 2006 Release Date? Notes and Disclaimers for this site All content within these pages is roughly 90% canon/ 10% interpretation. If there is something you’d like to change or don’t agree with change it to your liking. This page merely acts as a reference and template for all Greyhawk Campaigns.
* NPC’s marked with a * are not yet completed. Note: I do not believe in the use of the “epic item creation feats”. I believe that if the character/ PC has already gained an item creation feat, then they should not be “forced” to buy it again to create items. Once they reach epic levels, it should be automatic, although they may still need the research to build such items. As such, none of these NPC’s have nor will ever have the epic item creation feats, honestly, they simply don’t make logical sense. =/
NPC’s by Mike Johnson
Althea; CE; Female cleric of Iuz 18
Beek Gwenders of Croodle; CG; Male half-elf ranger 13
Belvor IV; LG Male human paladin 16
Bestmo, Archbaron of Blackmoor; NE; Male human fighter 3/wizard 3/spellsword 9
Bigby; N; Human male wizard 19
Blodgett; NG; Male halfling rogue 5/thief-acrobat 5
Cloyer Bulse the Magsman; N; Male human rogue 16
Dantalion, Dark Champion of the Sword Lord; NE; Male human cleric 5/fighter 10 Drelnza; CE; Female human vampire fighter 10/exotic weapon master 3
Elwita; LG; Female dwarf fighter 11
Evard the Black ; NE; Male human conjurer 16
Fonkin Hoddypeak; CG; Male high elf fighter 1/wizard 5/eldritch knight 8
Frush O’Suggill; LG; Male human fighter 16
Gajtak, Ilkhan of the Tiger Nomads; CE; Male human fighter 10/illusionist 2
Gleep Wurp the Eyebiter; NG; Male human wizard 14
Hazendel I; CG; Male grey elf cleric 3/fighter 1/wizard 3/mystic theurge 6
Ingemar Hartensen; CN; Human male barbarian 6/frenzied berserker 10 Juiblex, the Faceless Lord; CE; Large outsider Unique demon lord
Kayen Telva; CG; Male elf fighter 1/wizard 6/spellsword 6
Lord Robilar; LE; Male human fighter 24
Mordenkainen; N; Male human wizard 27
Nakanwa; War Sachem of the Rover of the Barrens; CG; Male human ranger 8 Nerof Gasgal;LN; Male human rogue 12
Ogre;NG; Male human fighter 10
Org Neshen, Master of the Thieves’ Guild of Greyhawk; LN; Male human rogue 18
Phoebus; N; Male lizard folk (reincarnated human) fighter 13
Rary the Traitor; NE; Male human wizard 24
Redmod Dumple; Prince Of The Dwarven Court; LN; Male dwarf fighter 12
Resbin Dren Emondav; Marchioness of Sterich; LN; Female human sorcerer 13
Roaky Swerked; LN; Male human cleric 14
Sir Artur Jakartai; LG; Male human fighter 11/knight of holy shielding 3
Tenser; LG; Male human wizard 16/archmage 5
Turin Deathstalker; LE; Male human fighter 4/rogue 5/assassin 8
Valerius; NG; Male human fighter 4/swashbuckler 11
Verbane, Chief Wizard of the March; CN; Male human wizard 15
Vesparian Lafanel (“Vesper”); N; Male elf rogue 5/wizard 5/arcane trickster 4/assassin 4
Xollox, The Sagacious One; LE; Beholder rogue 6
Zoran Sarraith, Rhennee Lord; NE; Male human fighter 7/rogue 7/assassin 1                                      

3.5 D&D Greyhawk NPC Archive and Encyclopedia

Abi Dalzim; Wizard21 (Tome of Magic/ Mortellan’s CF post) Acererak; Half-Fiend Demilich Wizard21/Cleric3/Entropomancer10 Dahlvier the Lich; Lich Wizard24/Archmage1 (Iuz the Evil)
Dragotha, Dracolich Dragon (Shadow Great Wyrm) CR27
Drelnza (resurrected), Human Fighter18
Drelnza (vampire), Vampire Fighter18
Drokkas of the Necropolis of Unaagh, Wizard23 (Lich) (Rary the Traitor)
Eclavdra; (Drow, Female) Cleric24 (Lolth)
Eli Tomorast, Wizard21 (Dungeon 112)
Evard the Black; Con20/Thau4 (Dungeon 107)
Iggwilv; Fiendish Human Wizard26/Thaumaturgist5/Archmage5 Imix: Prince of Evil Fire Elementals (Elemental24/Fighter12) (RttToEE)
Kas the Terrible; (Vampire) Fighter28 (Vecna Lives)
Keraptis; Wizard21/ Elemental Savant3/???
Lanolin; High Elf, High Wizard7/Fighter8/SpellSword5 (Rogue’s Gallery)
Lerrek; Lich Cleric22 (Erythnul) (Ivid the Undying)
Lord Robilar; Fighter27
Markessa; Elf (High) Wizard13/HexbladeBl6 (Slavers)
Patriarch Larissen; Cleric21 (Zilchus) (Ivid the Undying)
Rary the Traitor; Wizard23/ArMa4
Stalman Klim; Cleric15/Horizon Walker6 (Slavers)
Theg Narlot, Turrosh Mak; Half-Orc Rogue7/Fighter8/Assassin8 (Slavers)
Tuerny the Merciless; Demon (Nalfeshnee) Wizardard18/Thaumaturgist5
Tul-oc-luc the Arcanadaemon (Isle of the Ape)*

The Boneheart (Greater – Least)
High Priestess Althea; Cleric25 (Iuz)
Halga; Cleric21/Hierophant2 (Iuz)
Jumper; Wizard23
Kermin Mind-Bender; Wizard15/Mindbender10/Archmage1
Null; Wizard24/Archmage1
Cranzer of Riftcrag; Wizard19
Panshazek; Cleric17 (Iuz)
Marynnek; Cleric18 (deceased) *
Maskaleyne; Vampire Sor14/Rogue3/Shadowdancer2
Vayne; Wizard22
Xenvelen; Cleric17 (Iuz)
Lord Obmi; Dwarf (Hill) Fighter21
Keak; Elf (Gray) Wizard11/Fighter8/Assassin2
Gleed; Rock Gnome, Rogue10/Wizard10/ArcaneTrickster1
Sunifarel Brightrobe; Half-Elf Sorcerer17
Lord Dorag; Fighter19
Griswald Hairhand; Rogue19

The Great Kingdom
Delglath; Animus Cleric17/Fighter4 (Nerull) (Ivid the Undying)
Drax the Invulnerable; Animus Wizard9/Fighter8/SpellSword7 (Ivid the Undying)
Grenell I, Cleric19/Fighter4 (Hextor) (Ivid the Undying, LGG)
Ivid V; Animus Cleric7/Wizard15 (Hextor) (Ivid the Undying) Karoolck; Imperial Court Mage; Wizard23/Archmage1 (Ivid the Undying)
Prince Lakaster; Wizard20/Archmage2 (Ivid the Undying, LGG) Supreme General Maltik Raj; Half-Orc Fighter17 (Fist of Hextor) Rillikandren; Wizard9/Cleric9/Lor7 (Boccob) (Ivid the Undying) Schandor; Wizard28/Archmage5 (Ivid the Undying, Gary Holian’s sources)
Xaene the Accursed; Two-Headed Lich Wizard26 (Ivid the Undying) Overking Xavener; Rogue21 (Ivid the Undying, LGG)

The Horned Society
Andrade Mirrius; Cleric24 (Nerull) (The Adventure Begins)
Guiliana Mortidus; Cleric13 (Nerull) (The Adventure Begins) Nezmajen; Cleric16 (Nerull) (The Adventure Begins)
The Unnamable Heirarch, Erac’s Cousin; Devil, Horned (Cornugon) Outsider15/Wizard12/Fighter4/SpellSword3 (Rogues Gallery) Warduke; Fighter22 (Dungeon 105)

The Scarlet Brotherhood
Father of Obedience, Korenth Zan; Monk27
Gordegar; Rogue13/Assassin10/Fighter4
Heka; Enchanter22/Mspy5
Om Regor; Monk15
Foster Uncle Pramas; Rogue6/Assassin10/Shadowdancer2/Fighter2 Foster Uncle Tyrum; Cleric7/Rogue4/Assassin10 (Pyremius) Vermillion Queen; Rogue3/Sorcerer12/Assassin10

Vale of the Mage
Jaran Krimeah, The Black One; Shade Wizard22/Archmage4
Tyslin San; Drow Wizard15
Nyeru Darkspring; Necromancer17
Gremas Windspring; Gnome (Rock) Bard10/Illusionist11
Ellerxeris (Commandant of the Valley Elves); (Valley Elf) Wizard8/Fighter8/ArcaneArcher8  

Heroes/ Allies
Agath of Thrunch Cleric24 (Celestian)
Canon Hazen; Saint Cleric20/Hierophant5/Contemplative10 (Rao) Cat Lord; Rogue37; lycanthrope (cat) *
Gwydiesin of the Cranes; Brd30
Lashton of Grayhill; Wizard19 (Queen of Spiders)
Lyzandred the Mad; Lich Wizard23/Archmage4/VoidDisciple5 Mohrgyr the Old; Wizard16/Silent One10
Philidor the Blue; Golem (Magic) Wizard20/Archmage2/SpellScion1 Prince Melf Brightflame; Elf (High) Fighter8/Wizard8/EldritchKnight5
Riggby the Patriarch; Cleric21 (Boccob)
Seer of Urnst; Wizard10/Lor10
Slerotin; Wizard32/Archmage5/SpellScion1
Yrag the Lord; Fighter23
Zagig Yragerne; Wizard28/Archmage5/Cleric4/Fighter8 (pre-demigod)

The Circle Eight
Alhamazad the Wise; Wizard20/Thaumaturgist2
Bigby; Wizard23/Archmage2
Drawmij; Wizard21/HorizonWalker2
Jallarzi Sallavarian; Wizard20/Loremaster1
Mordenkainen; Wizard27/Archmage3
Nystul; Wizard22
Otto; Cleric3/Wizard15/Loremaster5 (Boccob)
Theodain Eriason; Elf (High) Wizard22/Dragonkith2
Warnes Starcoat; Wizard24/VoidDisciple1

Allies/ Ex- Circle Eight Members
Bucknard; Wizard28
Heward; Bard20/Sublime Chord10/Planeshifter10 (Quasi-Diety) Murlynd; Paladin12/Socererr19/Planeshifter5 (Quasi-Diety)
Otiluke; Wizard20 (deceased)
Tenser the Archmage; Wizard21/Archmage5

Furyondy Belvor IV, King of Furyondy; Paladin18 (Heironeous) (Marklands, LGG)

Greyhawk City Luminaries
Turin Deathstalker; Fighter6/Ranger3/Rogue2/Assassin7
Nerof Gasgal (Lord Mayor); Rogue13
Kieran Jalucian; Wizard23
Arkalan Sammal; Expert20 (Sage)

Nyrond, Kingdom of
Lord Arafeld of Heironeous; Cleric18
Archbold Nehron, Ex-King; Fighter17
King Lynwerd Nehron; Fighter14/Cavalier2
Sewarndt Nehron; Wizard13