Vale of the Mage: Nearly finished updating the Vale of the Mage. Going over the revision and proofreading before passing this onto the next stage. Then moving on to the layouts and art. Two pieces of art were approved by the artists so far.

Magepoint: Magepoint map is in the edits stage. Revisions incoming. The article is nearing completion of it’s first working draft. 5 of the 7 districts of the town have been completed. 2 left to go. I expect this will be a quick and easy supplement to anyone who ever needs this region for play. Especially those running the Age of Worms.

Antaria: The Lost Continent – working on revisions, adding new areas that were cut for space back in 2003. Updating the map as I go. More on this after the Vale of the Mage and Magepoint have been completed.

Greyhawk City Primer: Added the main file to google docs for others to add items to as they wish. I will review any changes and add revisions/ new content as time permits. Need to finish a few projects first, then move on. Opened the content up for edits.